Headlight Restoration in Plano McKinney Dallas TX is something that a lot of people have been asking for, but no one does a real quality job at it that lasts; until now!  Overtime headlights accumulate dust, particulate matter, gunk, and become oxidized and hazy. Year after year they get worse until one day you look down and see that your beams barely get through and you have to do something about it. Or, if you are a show runner and like to have your vehicle always looking its best we can help you both and all in between. Our affordable service is here to make you happy with your cars appearance and improve your safety by maximizing the luminosity of the beams in your headlight assemblies.

What is Headlight Restoration?


Headlight Cleaning in Plano McKinney Dallas TX at Dent Tech is different than other companies. we do the highest quality service in the industry and not just a quick fix procedure like most. We have a technician specially trained in this service to ensure that your headlights are “like new” when we are done with it. We are able to take the haziest and most covered headlights, put them through this exceptional service and you would never know that they were ever in such previous condition. It is more than just a “cleaning” of the headlights, it is a full on service that includes but not limited to actually taking a super thin layer off the headlamp to show a fresh piece of surface then buffed and shined just like the factory does to completely remove (not just cover up) all foreign materials on the headlamp and give it a brand new appearance, and we finish them off with a layer of clear coat to help prevent them from fading again. Tired of having hazy headlamps? Get the quality repair you deserve by coming to Dent Tech and let us get you taken care of for less than you might think!