After a hail storm, you may have a lot of questions:

Question: I received hail damage, what do I do first?

Answer: The first thing you want to do is call your insurance company and file a claim. At that time, they will schedule a time to meet with you to do a preliminary estimate. This estimate is usually not accurate because they simply do not have the time nor manpower to spend the time needed on each and every vehicle. They will usually do a quick estimate, possibly write you a check, and then send you on your way. Don’t worry!!! When you bring the car to Dent Tech, we will handle the rest. We will do a detailed and accurate estimate, and then we will file the supplement with your insurance company to recoup the difference.

Question: I just filed a collision claim not to long ago; will they drop me for filing another claim?

Answer: No, hail damage is considered a “natural catastrophe”. Mother Nature can cause damage beyond your control. Your insurance company will not drop you for a catastrophe claim.

Question: Is the damage even worth filing?

Answer: Most deductibles are around $500. Most hail damage repairs run into the thousands of dollars. Not only is it usually worth filing, but its worth repairing. Trying to sell or trade in a vehicle with hail damage can be very hard. A dealership will hit you with depreciation first, then for the hail damage making your vehicle worth a fraction of its true value.

Question: How am I going to afford my deductible?

Answer: We have a couple of different programs to help. In most cases we can refund you a total equal to your deductible. We know that a hail storm can happen at anytime and it’s usually not when you have extra money lying around. In most cases we can do the repairs with little to no money out of pocket for you.

Question: Will filing a claim have a negative effect on a CarFax report?

Answer: Hail damage on a CarFax is usually ignored due to advanced technology of PDR (paintless dent repair). Years ago, when a car received hail damage, body shops would replace the top panels (hoods, etc.), conventionally repair the other panels, and then repaint the car or the panels that had to be replaced. Not good!! But now, with the advancement of PDR, most cars can be repaired back to pre-hail status without any panels being replaced or repainted. PDR keeps the original integrity of the vehicle.

Hopefully this will help you with a few of your questions. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any other questions you may have.


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