Auto Hail Repair

Car and Truck Auto Hail Damage Repair in Plano McKinney Dallas TX is the last thing anyone wants to have to do to their vehicle. Unfortunately, nature does happen and these things cannot be avoided like Hail Damage. It is good to know though that a high quality and reputable company is out there to get your car back to its best for not only less than you might think but repaired quicker than most places! There are 2 kinds of repairs one can make to their car, truck, or SUV when hail damage occurs; Conventional Repair and PDR (paintless dent repair). Each process is explained below, however it is important to note that most hail damage cases can be corrected with PDR much faster and for much less than traditional repairs saving you both time and money when done right by qualified professionals like the ones we use here at Dent Tech. Check out just a few examples below of 3 different vehicle that had some pretty major hail damage which was repaired by our 5-star service we offer! For an even more in detail of how a repair takes place, we have the full procedure in video at the bottom of the page, separated in stages. It is a pretty neat thing to see if you have never seen a dent be “erased” before with our advanced technology.

Auto hail repair

Auto hail repair

Conventional Repair vs PDR

Conventional Repair

When it comes to getting your vehicle taken care of for Car and Truck Auto Hail Damage Repair in Plano McKinney Dallas TX,the first kind of places that come to mind are Body shops, collision centers and Dealership repair centers. These places typically go for the traditional repair methods when it comes to hail damage. When a Traditional repair is done, it can take a decent amount of time to complete due to the process of it all. The process of a traditional repair is as follows:

  • Step 1: Estimation of the damage and cost to fix
  • Step 2: Teardown of vehicle and order parts if needed
  • Step 3: Repair damaged areas of the vehicle
  • Step 4: Prepped and refinished/painted and cured
  • Step 5: Reassembly of the vehicle for anything that was removed
  • Step 6: Detail and Clean-up
  • Step 7: Final Inspection

As you can see here, there are several steps the vehicle must go through including but not limited to repainting the vehicle with traditional bodyshop Hail Damage repair. It is recommended that if you can avoid repainting of a vehicle, that option should always be explored due to the loss of value a vehicle sustains when a repaint takes place. This is where our PDR comes into play where we are able to make most repairs without the need to repaint any part of the vehicle. What is PDR? Please see the section below for that answer!

PDR (Paintless Dent Repair)

Auto Hail Repair in Plano McKinney Dallas TX. can be fixed much quicker and keep the value of your car higher when done with PDR! For a detailed description of what PDR is and how it is done, check out our Door Ding Repair in Plano McKinney Dallas TX page, that goes into great detail. But for a quick overview of what it is, essentially, we are able to do the repair without the need to repaint. Our specially trained professional technicians use cutting edge technology tools to repair the damage without the need to sand down the paint and repaint. Depending on the location of the dent, different tools and techniques are used, which we are familiar with all. since there is no need for the repaint process, you save a lot of time and are able to receive your vehicle exponentially quicker than if you were to do a traditional repair. This, added with less hours to fix your vehicle and less materials, you save money on to of that! Have an insurance claim? Not a problem! We are set up with most insurance companies to expedite your claims to yet again, get your vehicle back to you as quickly as possible with a high quality repair. Want more information or would you like to schedule a visit?  Click the “Schedule Appointment Here” button you see on the screen at any time to go to the contact us page. Let us know in the comments what day is best for you and we will contact you shortly to confirm and go over the damage in order to best serve you. This way, you will get a customized visit tailored to your needs so we can get your vehicle in and out as quickly as possible and save you money too!

The videos below you will see the process in which Car and Truck Auto Hail Repair in McKinney Plano Dallas TX taking place. It is a pretty interesting process to watch and amazing once you see the dent actually disappear. There are actually a few points where the dent looks to be fixed, but we keep working, and that is because we don’t stop until it is 100% perfect. if there is any imperfection in the repair, it isn't a complete repair and would be unacceptable to us and you. So, even though it may look done in some places, it was not so we continued to work until it was. If you have any questions about the process or what we are doing in the videos, we would like you to contact us and ask! We do not want there to be any confusion on how we fix your vehicle and want you to understand the process so that you know your Auto Hail Repair in Frisco Plano McKinney Dallas TX is being done by the right company you can trust to take care of your vehicle with the same care we would our own vehicles.

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Auto Hail Repair 1

Auto Hail Repair 2

Auto Hail Repair 5

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